Database of Scientific Simulation and Experimental Results
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The meta-data (Beams, Materials, Particles, Observable, Reaction, Reference, Monte Carlo details…) describing the results is stored in dictionaries. The meta-data is used to select and search for a specific result. In addition it is used to match experimental and simulated results. Select the dictionary you want to browse from the menu below.

Name Description
Access describes the access level to the data e.g. some data is open to everyone (public) while other results can only be viewed by members of the collaboration
Beams describes the Beams. Complicated Beams (e.g. neutrino flux files, test beams consisting of many particles can be described by the schema).
Datatypes describes in what form data is stored e.g. 1D/2D histograms, Dataset Points etc.
Materials contains all the different target materials.
VersionTags version tag used.
Models models or physicslists used.
Mctools lists the different Monte Carlo tools that contribute to results in the data base.
Observables lists the different observables.
Particles lists all the particles.
Reactions lists all reactions.
References Displays the references describing the experimental data used in validation
Tests Displays the various simulation tests
Versiontags Displays the various version tags
WorkingGroups Displays the defined working groups.